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Our services

We are a company specializing in drones and we offer a full range of services to meet your professional or personal needs.

Whether you're a business looking for innovative solutions to improve your operations or an individual looking to capture special moments in a unique way, we have the skills and resources to help.

Our services

Redefine the way 
we work

Our services include stunning aerial video capture, high resolution aerial photography, 3D mapping and modeling, industrial inspection, site monitoring, search and rescue, and much more. Thanks to our fleet of state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-quality cameras and sensors, we can provide accurate and reliable results in various fields.

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Our services

Broadcasting of events

Are you interested in live coverage of events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events or parades?

Whatever the event, we can offer your audience the possibility to follow it both from the ground and from the air. Drones provide a unique aerial perspective of the event, allowing viewers to see the action from a different and complementary perspective than traditional ground-based cameras.

Moreover, we are not limited to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. We can stream on any system whether public or private.

Do you want to organize a live videoconference? Allow a client to virtually visit a property via Teams or Zoom, when physical constraints prevent him from moving for a real visit? Or perhaps a company wishing to follow live the progress of the work of its new head office?

The reasons for offering such a service are multiple, and our expertise in this field will certainly help you to highlight what you want to broadcast.

Thermographic analyzes and inspections

What are the benefits of drone inspection?

  • Drone thermographic analyzes and inspections have become essential tools in many fields such as industry, construction, real estate, agriculture and security. Thanks to the use of drones equipped with advanced thermal cameras, it is possible to carry out precise analyzes and detailed inspections of installations and infrastructures.

  • One of the primary uses of drone thermographic scans is to detect overheating issues and thermal anomalies. Thermal cameras on drones are able to measure temperature variations and produce thermal images that reveal hot and cold areas. This identifies faulty equipment, energy leaks, insulation problems, electrical hot spots and fire hazards.

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