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Advantage du fpv

  • Achieve a fluid and totally stable shoot at a speed of more than 160 km/h
    Film dynamic aerial shots indoors, in enclosed or very cramped spaces
    Follow a subject in landscapes that are difficult to access or in places strewn with obstacles (mountain ridge line, forest, urbex route, etc.)
    Perform fast and acrobatic camera movements

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Drone spraying

  • Whether you have a clothing store, a car dealership or even a manufacturing plant, calling on the talents of an FPV pilot demonstrates your commitment to doing everything possible to win over your customers. Dynamic and creative aerial shots allow you to present your products or installations in an innovative way, arousing the interest and enthusiasm of your customers.

  • In sum, the skills of FPV drone pilots provide opportunities to capture unique videos, create immersive visual experiences, and showcase different areas such as sports, real estate, and commerce.

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Autono dans la presse

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