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Welcome to the innovative world of AirForce1Drone, the revolutionary car wash company that uses drones to make your environment sparkling clean. At AirForce1Drone, we combine the power of advanced technologies with our passion for cleanliness to deliver unparalleled car wash service.

Imagine for a moment a swarm of sleek and nimble drones, flying gracefully through the air, ready to blast away the dirt and impurities that tarnish your living space. Whether it's for your home, business, or even large industrial structures, our high-performance drones are equipped with the cutting-edge technology needed to deliver precise and efficient washing.


Éric Diarra, our CEO, is a visionary leader with a degree in Production Computer Engineering from the Saint-Nazaire Campus in France. Passionate about innovation and endowed with solid expertise in the digital field, he guides our company to new heights. From an early age, he showed a strong interest in high technologies and complex mechanisms, developing a deep understanding of mechanical principles. After graduating with honors in mechanical engineering, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding his own company in the manufacture of specialized machinery. Thanks to his enlightened leadership, his company has become a recognized leader, offering innovative solutions to international clients. As CEO, he embodies the values of integrity, commitment and leadership. His strategic vision and informed decisions have positioned our company as a market leader, while exploring new growth opportunities. Beyond his technical skills and his professional success.


Redefining the way
we clean up

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation. At AirForce1Drone, we don't just wash surfaces, we transform the way you think about cleaning. Our vision is to push the boundaries of cleanliness using state-of-the-art technologies, while preserving the environment.


Our teams


Our team of highly qualified and trained technicians

ensures an exceptional service delivery with each intervention. They ensure that each drone washing mission is carried out with the utmost precision and in compliance with the strictest safety standards. Our goal is to provide superior service and total satisfaction to our customers.


What are the benefits of drone washing?

  • First: security. Greenhouse roofs are areas that can be dangerous due to the height of the building and the glass materials. Drones do not encounter any difficulty in this type of environment.

  • Second: the autonomization of tasks. The autonomy of drones makes it possible to carry out drone laundering operations with ease.

  • Third: the saving of money linked to a much lower hourly cost of use. By using a drone to carry out this type of operation, which usually requires significant material and human resources, the costs of long-term operations are reduced.

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